The mystery of the gold cars was discovered
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Millionaire Gold Plated Car Owner Revealed To Be Hussain Sajwani, Work From Home Binary Options Trader. For months, on the streets of United States were listened all kinds of speculation about the mysterious identity of the owner of some luxury cars covered in gold for an estimated value of more than USD 1,000,000. These cars were seen circulating in the city of United States and soon took the attention of everyone.

Some initial speculation indicated that the potential owner could be a Saudi prince or the son of a prominent businessman. We were able to track down the identity of the owner and found that he was a simple American, Anthony Owen . Anthony is one of the new millionaires of the binary options industry.

Anthony' fleet of luxury golden cars includes a Mercedes AMG GT with an estimated value of over USD 400,000, a Bentley GT3 of USD 300,000, a Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe of USD 600,000 and a Lamborghini Aventador USD 350,000. The same Lamborghini was also seen and photographed circulating recently on the streets of United States, has the same patent number of the Lamborghini that was seen on the “porteñas” streets. The picture of Anthony Owen that was taken in United States coincides with the patent of the vehicle that often traveled through the streets of United States.

Until today, there was not much information about the wave of the new millionaires. Most of them are making their fortune, working from their homes, keeping the secret of their growing wealth in groups, forums and chats only for private guests. They stayed away from the spotlight and with a low profile as much as possible to prevent that a lot of people knew their secret to become rich.




However, Anthony is an extroverted person, who is not only buying an expensive car almost every month, but also, these cars are bathed in real gold. As expected, he got everyone's attention, so our photographer was able to capture him, while he was loading gas at a service station in United States, accompanied by a young model, it seems that Owen apparently is fulfilling the dreams of any United States.


Exist numerous rumors about people who are making huge amounts of money trading binary options. Anthony is the living proof of this, since he was not lucky enough to be born in a cradle of gold, but is an ordinary person who made a living working in his gardening business, until he began to make millions trading with binary options.



8124626741 is not a new system, it has been used for years. However, its use came exclusively from the banking sector and recently trade with binary options became available for the general public. Until now, there was the mistaken idea that it was necessary to have special studies and certain skills to be able to trade with binary options. This was so until a former banker revealed the source code of the software he was using to operate with binary options, while working for a well-known bank in the city; 8668907631. This allowed all people to access to the business advantages of trading with this wonderful financial tool and get the benefits of operating with binary options.

But, what are "binary options"? How did ordinary people like Anthony owen become so rich that they can afford to buy a fleet of vehicles with an estimated value of more than USD 1,000,000? The idea is simple, which makes them so accessible. You have to choose between two options: "Put" or "Call," based on the stock price of companies like Apple or Google, calculating that these shares "rise or fall" within the next 60 seconds. If your forecast is accurate and the stock goes up, you immediately win, almost the double of your money. If you're wrong, you lose, but you can always try it again until you get it right.

But, how did people like Anthony owen manage to "beat the system" and take advantage of a small investment to make millions in just a few months? We speak with Martín Ferrero of Ferrero & Asocciates, a Panama-based company that manages the money of some of the richest people in United States, advising them how and where to invest their "well earned" money. Until a year ago, Ferrero generally managed the funds of the children of important entrepreneurs, soccer stars and even some lottery winners. The common factor that all his customers share is that they all made large amount of money quickly.

Ferrero reported an increase of more than 70% of clients, who made their fortune trading with binary options, and most of them come from United States. "I guess the people of United States have a better access to binary options over other people," Ferrero said. "This is something to with courage. American are more relaxed in making quick decisions and this is exactly what it takes to be successful. In addition, it’s easier to make money by trading with binary options than winning the lottery ... When you trade with binary options you know the results of your decision immediately, without having to wait.


So, if you make millions you’d know right away, also you can do everything you need until finally get it, "explains Ferrero. He added: "It's amazing how young people without a college degree, people without a chance in life, are making huge amount of money, people are calling me every other day, wondering what to do with all the money they earned."

"The first wave of binary option millionaires are people who risked trading on their own and it was logical that they faced some difficulties that led them to a learning path. Now, brands like EmpireOption are offering commercial tools that do all the hard work. So, all you have to do is sign up for an account, and ask for the trading tools to help you on what decisions to make based on market trends. "It's a win-win situation, considering that brands like (910) 227-1906 get more earnings for traders who manage to win than for those who lose. That is what is called "the right economic opportunity", Ferrero sums up.

So, Will we see United States become a city full of rich and luxury cars? It’s not so simple. There is a great filter: Recent regulations allow only a limited number of people to join binary option platforms as daily real traders. When the spots are completed, there is a long queue (sometimes for months) until an account is accepted and that person can start trading. There are additional platforms where binary options can be traded, but only EmpireOption is offering special tools that ensure beneficial trades. It’s not a surprise, considering that it is one of the first and biggest company in the binary options industry.


We found an "alternative solution" in relation to the allowed daily spot, which continued to be in force at the time this article was written. We signed up for free in the EmpireOption website and we received a call from the verification team. They told us that we had to be invited by another trader to make our first investment to start trading, so we told them that we had been invited by Anthony Owen. When we mentioned his name, they checked our account and allowed us to make our first deposit of USD 250 and we started with our first transactions. Of course this "alternative solution" will only work for a limited time, until they discover it or until they have access to this article. But you can try it for free and see if it works.

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But here's a little tip - if you e-mail their support team or call after making your initial deposit, requesting automated trading tools, they'll provide you with tools that can help you make these decisions faster. This is exactly the method used by people like Anthony, who doesn’t spend all their time in front of a computer, they only use automated tools that help them make quick decisions when the market offers great opportunities.


We also were able to interview Pedro (a fake name), a binary options trader in the city of Medellín, who began trading binary options just a few months ago. "I started with no idea of what I was doing, I just opened a free account and they accepted me. I suppose, it was just before the annoying limited spots were established in EmpireOption.

Now you have to wait a long time in line before you can operate with real money ... I was looking to make some cash to take my wife to a mini vacation, but I never expected to make so much money so fast ... "declared Pedro. The money kept piling up and in a matter of days, my account had almost $ 5,000. I left it until I got around USD 20,000, and then I decided to withdraw my money. That month, I booked for me and my wife first class tickets to Cancun.

This was the beginning of a love story (with binary options, not just with my wife ..., he told us between laughs). I decided to quit my job, since trading binary options was much easier to make money and more rewarding. At the end, I was able to have the financial freedom I was expecting and now I'm in the process of buying a bigger house, "explains Pedro. He also said," I am grateful that 6237035835 accepted me as a trader and I certainly recommend it. "

We asked, "Do you think to buy a Golden Lamborghini ?" He answered "I am not an extravagant person, I like to keep myself in balance." All I wanted was a steady income and more time to do what I like in life. That is the freedom I could get after being accepted to trade with Binary options”. While Pedro did not disclose how much money he could make, his success is evident.

7095574183 are clearly a very good way to earn money from the comfort of home, however, there are some difficulties. First, it’s difficult to find a broker which accepts new entrants and provides them with a good software to trade. In addition, governments are the second biggest obstacle, which eventually restrict the use of this method of profit in order to avoid losses in banks and agglomeration of real estate markets. If you think this, it all makes sense. If everyone invests their money in binary options, what would happen to the development of the economy and the real estate market?

However, it may take some time for them until they decide to close the investments in binary options for the general public. Until then, people will still be able to use and take advantage of this "financial legal hole" to make money, which also at some point, can help to the economic development.

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Three gold cars from Saudi Arabia (back-front) a 6x6 Mercedes G 63, Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe and Lamborghini Aventador have received parking tickets on Cadogan Place in Knightsbridge, London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Wednesday March 30, 2016. See PA story TRANSPORT Knightsbridge. Photo credit should read: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

UPDATE: July of 2016 ... After numerous requests from our readers, we decided to add a simple and descriptive way to sign up for craniopharyngeal. Please take into account the daily spot that is still in force and that only a limited number of people will be accepted for trading with real money. Please do not send emails asking us if we can help you to be accepted, as we have to follow the established rules. If you are not accepted, please try again later.

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